I’m glad to welcome you on my page. 
I’m Anna and I’m a photographer,

I based in Slovenia.

I started photographing many years ago as an amateur. Views on the profession have changed, the vision has changed, the technique has changed, and, at last, I've changed. And just after that, holding my camera in my hands, I can confidently say that photography is my passion and my favorite work. 
Perhaps, I can’t always express in words how I see this world but I can show how I see and feel it through photography. 
Each person is beautiful and unique, and I’m sure that you will see yourself in a new way by means of my work! 
You may wonder: "Why should I choose this photographer"? And I can honestly say to you that there isn’t correct answer to this question. I can only say one thing, I’m a sensual photographer who is fascinated with the play of light and shadow, photographs against the background of amazing landscapes, fire in your eyes. We will laugh and cry together, flirt, be sad, share energy. If you are ready for this little journey which will be captured for the whole life, then follow me!